Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Please pass on to all concerned Filipinos...

From Vice President Teofisto Guingona

The threat of war in Iraq and its consequences, for us ordinary Filipinos, is growing as the 27th of January U.N. inspectors' report to the United Nations draws near. An attack on Iraq by the U.S. and English forces seems imminent, even with the U.N. Security Council mandate. Their forces are massing by the hundreds of thousands!

Reports from the U.N. estimates that casualties of civilians alone may reach five hundred thousand.

Such possible tragedy seems compounded by the perils facing our OFWs, about one hundred in Iraq proper, more than twenty seven thousand in neighboring Kuwait and about 850,000 in Saudi Arabia, not to speak of further dislocations from their families here.

The impending war will imperil the price of oil, further distort foreign exchange, and devastate the economy. Worse -- it may intensify violence and the senseless flow of blood in our land, especially Mindanao.

Many are resigned to hopelessness. of letting things take their own course. The US does not seem to pay attention to the warnings of European and Asian leaders, including the plea of the Pope.

We again confront our own mortality against the odds and seek divine assistance in the midst of powerlessness. In such times, we seek Divine assistance. We are challenged to put our faith and trust in God for his protection.

In these coming critical days, I humbly call on people of various faiths, to unite in prayer to seek divine intervention, to let peace reign in our world. We implore God to enlighten world leaders against war.

I humbly ask leaders of various Religious communities to congregate on Jan. 31 at Plaza Miranda for an afternoon of Prayer for Peace. People of various faith expressions, Christians and Muslims included, will come together to pray. Peace in Iraq, peace in the Middle East, and peace in our country. JOIN US!

Vice President

Take part in the march for peace to Plaza Miranda. Assembly is at UST-EspaƱa at 11:00 AM. March starts at 1:00 PM. Prayers and protest start at 2:00 PM.