Sunday, November 19, 2006

Alexander Martin Remollino

There is human kinetics involved in the killing
of Andy Pawecan, a UCCP pastor in Nueva Ecija.

The soldiers of the Philippine Army's 48th Infantry Batallion, "D" Coy,
deserve our salutes --
not only because they are protectors of the people
but because they have made a monumental discovery
in the realm of human kinetics.
Through their painstaking research, we learn
that a man carrying a child eight months old
can fight back at three soldiers who blocked his way,
because they were just going to ask him some questions
and then let him go home anyway,
and eight more surrounding him;
that the right protection against such a menace
to the lives of eleven soldiers
is to shoot him to death.

This, my friends, is the human kinetics
behind the killing of Andy Pawecan.


Mark Salvatus said...

saludo sayo! much respect!

Alexander Martin Remollino said...

Salamat, Mark! Naka-link ka na rito. :D